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online auctions
About us

About Tegneserieauktion.dk

This is the web site of tegneserieauktion.dk.


Auction remain the most efficient way to sell : only money talks - there is a firm timeline, which you decide - and value evaluation is done automatically by the market, you just need to cash in

This marketplace was intended from the start as an alternative. Happy to see so many other options out there. Speaking 4 languages fluently - I participated in programmes Academy for talented Youth and Turbo entrepreneurs. Currently completing master degree in Artificial Intelligence at DTU. If you're looking for site with customer in the center - top-level security setup - and focus on doing business - you came to the right place!

Always dedidated to helping , start-up's , technical disciplines and visualizing

Velcome - velkommen - willkommen - добро пожаловать - स्वागत

For your safety, this site is:Certificate secured by SSL certificate

Contact may be made via e-mail at tegneserieauktion@gmail.com or on the phone number on the business cards I give out

Trying to keep a long story short... This is an auction website in development. As such, interruptions could occur. But remember, should interruptions occur, they are always intended for improving this site. And if occuring, everything is being done in the future to reduce them.

Auctions... auctions.. auctions..

This website is the result of a desire to try constructing an international trading platform - open and free for everybody. Where the essentials should be doing business. Doing agreements and applying to them.

Mission statement

Basic foundation for doing business here should be :
  • honesty
  • privacy
  • stick-to-business focus


Being honest obviously has a lot of different meanings in this world. But here, it should mean using good communication to carefullly define agreements and their limitations - and subsequently keeping those agreements. This website will make no profit from actual business transactions - and cannot be expected to judge on honesty at either side. However, here will be exercised a no-exception protection-attempt-policy regrading cruelty to animals, who usually have nobody to defend them.


Privacy here means letting people do business with whoever they want - and respecting when business decisions have been made. Privacy also means not interfering or trying to use business transactions for all kinds of other purposes. Or more practical, this means :

  • absolute minimal cookie policy while only tracking sessions (allowing login over multiple pages).. because forcefully tracking people for commercial exploitation is not a purpose here
  • no fee policy for basic service provided
  • absolute minimal popup window policy since the user should decide what information to view at all times
  • absolute minimal advertising policy since core business here is doing business

Regarding e-mail policy... Some form of communication is to be expected with this website. Confirmation on use-policy changes, auctions won etc. But e-mails should contain a link option to suspend further a-mail communication. This should avoid unwanted emails. Please notice that when rejecting use of emails, it will be the responsability of the user to seek information elsewhere (possibly by logging in online at this website).


During your visit to this website, you will be encouraged to just sticking to business. This means being polite, only leaving comments if actually intending to buy, confining comments to products or service offered and keeping a strictly business-transaction perspective.

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Welcome to Tegneserieauktion.dk. Extending thanks all, who would want to support this site. With regard to money backing, this site is a total 'underdog' to fx. eBay. It will not be able to do without your support. While not intented to be a substitute for eBay or other popular auction sites, it should serve as an alternative. Join to start trading and saving. And if you don't, have a good life anyway :)

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